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Hello future team member!

Thank you for taking us into consideration as a career options! The most important quality we look for in a candidate is whether or not this is a career option. We want to make sure we are hiring committed candidates as our seasons rely on them every year. More importantly we want to make sure we hire candidates that have a passion for our industry, especially since we’ve been doing it for the past 23+ years. With that being said, we will always accept résumés for Reservation Agents, Experienced Captains, and Licensed Fishing Guides.

First, review below and see if we offer what you are looking for in a career prior to contacting us.


Aside from current licensing for positions requiring it, the most important thing we hold true is maintaining both a positive attitude, adequate knowledge for position, and professional customer service skills when you become one of our team members! We have an awesome morale amongst us and would love nothing better than to add to that with positivity!

Secondly, we are a no-tolerance company, so drug test will be administered upon hiring! We take this VERY seriously regardless of which position you are applying for. Whether you’re operating half a million dollar boats or working in our office(s), we maintain a drug-free environment at all times.

And third, we offer training of course! We want you to have an awesome, memorable Summer working with us in Alaska and we want you to be successful while you are here. In order to train, we may require you to be here at a certain date to ensure there’s enough training time prior to season starting. If you are applying for a position that requires a license, we will require you to have the course completed and license in hand prior to applying.

IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT THE ENTIRE WORK PERIOD, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY! We can’t stress this enough. We need solid team members to make our season successful!

For more information on current job offers, feel free to email Deziree (Office Manager) at fishninilchik@gmail.com! And don’t forget to check out our website so you fully understand the capacity at which we work at!

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully adding you onto our team this upcoming season!

-Ninilchik Charters Team