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The Kodiak Experience | Alaska Hunting

Check out our video from Kodiak this past season to get a true idea of what we offer on our Alaska Hunting Adventures!

Alaska Hunting | Kodiak Alaska


WARNING- The Ultimate Alaska Hunting Experience Awaits!


Welcome to your ultimate Alaska hunting experience with Ninilchik Charters! I’ll start off by informing you that this is not your ordinary hunt.. This is what Alaskan’s like to call a D-I-Y hunt, were you as the hunter, have the ultimate experience of being in the field, killing your game, and completely taking on the responsibility of caring for your kill every step of the way!┬áThis is important to know and properly understand prior to diving into the full Kodiak Adventure!



If you have a love for hunting, adventure, and creating the ultimate hunting experience, then this hunt is for you! All others who want a leisurely hunt, this hunt is not for your nature! Kodiak is work and requires your commitment to get out there and give it your best shot- literally!


We operate as a Transporter ONLY for your Alaska hunting experience in Kodiak, Alaska! This means that we take you to premiere hunting locations around Kodiak, provide lodging to you and your hunting partners, prepare meals for you, and provide a one of kind crew to assist you in fishing, waterfowl hunting, fox hunting, and crabbing.


For more details on our role in your Alaska Hunting experience- Click Here.


Hunting Species Available | Alaska Hunting


Kodiak is widely know for vast amount of land and opportunity! We operate in Kodiak from October thru December hunting a variety of species every year. Whether you are a resident or non-resident, hunting Kodiak Alaska is unlike any place on Earth!



Alaska Hunting Species | Kodiak Island


Alaska Hunting Logistics | Kodiak Alaska

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