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“Bad weather Great hunting and fishing- “Not the best weather you could ask for but it is Kodiak Alaska . Our trip started with getting to meet the local troopers ( they were very nice and helpful , great job guys ) After that we started catching fish one was a 100 lbs not bad for morning 1 . The next few days the weather was tough but thanks to Nick and Eric the fun never stopped . They were able to keep us out of the wind as much as possible and there was always deer close by. We ended up with all the deer we wanted along with all the fish we could carry, I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone of all ages and gender . Remember you make of this hunt what you put into it . Thanks again to Nick and Eric for a great time , your the best”. – Larry K.


Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunts

Hunt Dates for Fall 2016

Oct 8-14, Oct 15-21, Oct 22-28, Oct 29-Nov 4, Nov 5-11, Nov 12-18, Nov 19-25, Nov 26-Dec 2

Hunt Dates for Fall 2017

Oct 7-13, Oct 14- 20, Oct 21- 27, Oct 28- Nov 3, Nov 4- 10, Nov 11- 17, Nov 18- 24, Nov 25- Dec 1, Dec2- 8

DSCN0442The Alaska department of fish and game estimates the number of deer on Kodiak island to be about 80,000 animals. Hunters are allowed to take 3 deer of either sex per year. Most hunters choose to slowly still- hunt with a good pair of binoculars in hand. Some hunters choose to hunt from a stationary position over looking drainages, funnels, and open meadows. Deer can be found down at beach level all the way up into the mountain high grounds. Snow tends to push many deer down off the mountains into the lower ground. Bucks come into rut and begin chasing doe’s around early November, with peak rut being mid-late November.

A mature blacktail buck will weigh 150-200 pounds when field dressed and can sport a set of impressive antlers.

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Alaska Fishing | Kodiak Alaska Hunts


Monster halibut fishing in alaskaFishing opportunities for Halibut on Kodiak Island are numerous. If your hunting group decides they would like to spend an afternoon fishing instead of hunting, we have all the equipment needed to chase fish. Our captains are all Licensed Alaskan Fishing Guides, and we know the waters of Kodiak Island very well. Halibut reaching 30 to 100 pounds are not uncommon on these trips. You may do so well fishing for halibut that you will opt to go fishing tomorrow as well.

Your captain and deck hand will process all of your halibut, and get your fillets into the onboard freezers. The daily limit for halibut is 2 fish per day.

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Waterfowl Hunting | Kodiak Alaska Hunts


kodiak waterfowlWe also offer the opportunity to go duck hunting while on your Kodiak adventure. Whether you want to sit hidden over a decoy spread, or get some jump shooting action, there are plenty of ducks around to fill the bill. Kodiak Island is centered in the Gulf of Alaska and has sea ducks of every kind migrate through each year. Some of the more common duck species around Kodiak Island are: Mallards, Harlequin, Old Squaw, Golden Eye, Eiders, and Scoters.

I you want to waterfowl hunt you should plan on bringing your hip boots, we will have decoys for hunters that wish to chase ducks.


2016 Alaska Hunting and Fishing Regulations


We at Ninilchik Charters promote fair chase, lawful hunting. We have a close working relationship with the Alaskan State Troopers, The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, and the Coast Guard. We strive for a safe, lawful hunting experience. We follow all hunting and fishing regulations, and encourage local law enforcement agencies to visit us during the hunt. We have a good reputation, and we conduct our hunts in a manner to maintain it.



Transportation | Flight Information | Logistics


Alaska Blacktail Deer HuntsYou are responsible for all travel arrangements from your home, to Larsen bay and return. Your hunting trip begins at Larsen Bay, Alaska on Saturday morning, and ends on the following week on Saturday morning.

We recommend that hunters fly from their home cities to Anchorage International Airport, and from there, fly Alaska Airlines to Kodiak City, Alaska. We recommend that you arrive in Kodiak City the evening before your hunt starts (Friday).

There is a Best Western Hotel located right next to the Kodiak airport where you can reserve a room for Friday night. Chart Room Restaurant-Best Western Kodiak Inn

Best Western- Kodiak Location


Phone: (907) 486-5712

On Saturday morning, you will fly Air Lift from Kodiak City to Larsen Bay, Alaska (about ½ hour flight). Ninilchik Charters has a plane reserved for this trip, but you must contact Servant Air to book your flight!

To book your flight with Servant Air, call the telephone number below:

Air Lift: (907) 487- 4444 Kodiak City, AK

Inform Air Lift that you are a hunter with Ninilchik Charters, and need to book the Saturday morning round trip flight to Larsen Bay on the dates of your deer hunt.

Air Lift will fly you to Larsen Bay on Saturday morning. The departure time for your plane will be scheduled by Servant Air. Daylight, weather, and other constraints determine exactly when your plane leaves on Saturday morning. Note with weight restrictions: extra or over weight bags my have additional charges.

Once you arrive at the Larsen Bay airstrip, a pick up truck will meet you and your gear and transport you to the Larsen Bay harbor where you will board your boat and depart for your hunt.

At the end of your hunt, your boat will return to the Larsen Bay harbor Friday afternoon. Thursday evening will be spent…packing up game.

Friday morning, yourself, your gear, and your wild game will be driven to the airstrip to meet your Air Lift flight back to Kodiak City. Exact flight times on Friday morning are determined by Air Lift.

Most hunters book their return flight from Kodiak City to Anchorage for Friday afternoon. That usually works well, but may need to be changed if weather determines local flight schedules.



Game Care | Shipping Homer


Alaska Blacktail Deer HuntsWe receive many questions about game care in the field, and shipping your wild game home. We hope this section will answer our most common questions.

Once a deer has been taken, it needs to be immediately kill-tagged and field dressed. After that, there are 2 ways to get your deer to the beach: you can drag it out (the most common way) or you can skin and quarter it in the field and frame-pack it out. We recommend that hunters wishing to hike long distances inland to hunt, bring a packframe to get their deer out.


Once you are on the beach, you and your deer will be picked up, and you’ll be skiffed back to the boat. Our large covered back deck has plenty of room, and works well to hang and skin deer. Temperatures at this time of year are usually perfect for aging hanging deer.

Freezer space will be provided for hunters wishing to have their deer capes or ducks frozen for taxidermy.

By Thursday evening, all of your wild game needs to be quartered, and packed into shipping boxes, ready for your departing morning flight!! Waxed shipping boxes are available on board and are included with your hunt.

Be sure to check with Air Lift, and your other airline carriers about extra bag charges so there are no surprises getting multiple shipping boxes home.



Bear Awareness


Kodiak Island is home to the legendary Kodiak Brown Bear. It is common to see them during your hunt. Brown bears exist all over Alaska, and are simply a part of the Alaskan hunting experience. Though we’ve never had a hunter injured by a bear, and attacks are very rare, there are a few guidelines that should be followed when hunting in bear country.

While hunting anywhere in Alaska, you should always use the buddy system. It’s important that 2 hunters stick together during the hunt, for various safety reasons. It is our policy to drop hunters into the field in teams of two.

Be aware and always be conscious of your surroundings. Get your deer out of the field and to the beach as quickly as possible.

Bear sightings are a common occurrence on Kodiak Island. In most cases, the bears will bolt away the instant they identify you as human. Usually, bear encounters consist of a photo opportunity of bears feeding calmly on a hillside.



Additional Charges | Alaska Blacktail Deer Hunts | Kodiak

Due to fluctuating fuel prices, there may be a fuel surcharge up to 5% added to the cost of your hunt.



Reference List | Alaska Blacktail Deer Hunts | Kodiak


Alaska blacktail deer Hunts


We will do our best to provide the Kodiak Island deer hunting adventure of a lifetime. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to hunting with you this season!