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Alaska duck Hunting

Kodiak Island not only consists of abundant wildlife and natural beauty, it most importantly, consists of the best Alaska duck hunting! With over 20 years of experience, we offer our hunters more than just a guided Alaska duck hunt. We also include remote Alaska fishing, crabbing and fox hunting during your week, making our hunt a true Alaskan cast and blast hunt. With Kodiak being rated the 3rd region for the most variety in species, you can relax in the rocky backdrops of Alaska and submerge into some of the best hunting and fishing known to man!

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Kodiak Hunting Availability | Alaska Duck Hunting

2021 Dates Available

October 9 – October 15 | FULLY BOOKED

October 16 – October 22 |3 Spots

October 23- October 29 | FULLY BOOKED

October 30 – November 5 | FULLY BOOKED 

November 6 – November 12 | FULLY BOOKED

November 13 – November 19 | 4 spots

November 20 – November 26 |FULLY BOOKED

November 27 – December 3 | FULLY BOOKED

December 4 – December 10 | FULLY BOOKED

December 11-December 17 | 2 Spots

2022 Dates Available

October 8 – October 14 | 6 spots

October 15 – October 21 | FULLY BOOKED

October 22- October 28 | 6 spots

October 29 – November 4 | 6 spots

November 5 – November 11 | 6 spots

November 12 – November 18 | 6 spots

November 19 – November 25 |6 spots

November 26 – December 2 | 6 spots

December 3 – December 9 | 6 spots

December 10-December 1 | 6 spots

The Logistics | Alaska Duck Hunting

Hunt Length: Saturday- Friday | 7 days, 6 nights

Guided Hunting Opportunities: Harlequins, Barrow Goldeneyes, White-Winged Scoters, Black Scoters, Surf Scoters, Old Squaws, Eiders, sea ducks and puddle ducks.

Boat- based hunt: We have our 43 FT Delta- The Arctic Endeavor sleeps 4 hunters comfortably.

Private Restrooms: Our vessel is equipped with a private restroom for your comfort.

Spacious- Covered Deck: The Arctic Endeavor is designed with an expanded deck for extra space. In addition to space, it is fully covered with custom designed canvases, making hunts comfortable in all weather conditions.

Freezer Space: Multiple freezers are on board for your convenience to use during your week hunt with us. Thus making storing trophy ducks easy and accessible.

Meals Provided: Included are all meals during your week long hunt. Before making your reservation, please call with any allergies for us to ensure we can accommodate needs.

Additional Hunting Included

Long-Range Fishing: Coupled with hunting, our boat- based Alaska duck hunts provide the best opportunity at fishing in remote areas for Alaska Halibut, Alaska Salmon, Lingcod, Grey Cod, and Rockfish.

Crabbing: Even more, we also provide crab pots on board for crabbing opportunities during season! 

Fox Hunting: Lastly, we also provide opportunity at fox hunting. Included with your hunting license, you’re allowed a total of 2 for per hunter.

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Season of Interest

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Alaska Waterfowl Statistics

With being submerged into the rocky backdrops of coastal Alaska, our vessel is remotely anchored, ready to hunt! Prior to first light, our hunters are escorted via boat to pristine bays for best hunting opportunities. Our guides will set out decoys while hunters prep for first light. 

One of the most sought after ducks- the Harlequin, spends most of its lifetime in Alaska! Due to wintering in Kodiak, this specie will be a predominant focus specie during your hunt.

In addition to Harlequin’s, hunters will also have the opportunity to hunt Barrow Goldeneyes, Eiders, Old Squaws, and a variety in Scoters. In addition to our daily harvest, hunters will also have the opportunity at additional sea and puddle ducks throughout the day!

You can expect both pass shooting and calling birds in by both decoys and  using duck calls. Due to low flying patterns, hunters are able to monitor shot patterns and make adjustments as the day progresses. For best hunting and shooting opportunities, hunters are frequently moved throughout the day.

Strict Regulations

Lawful Hunting: Above all, Ninilchik Charters promotes fair chase and lawful  Alaska duck hunting at all times. As a result, we have a close working relationships with the Alaskan State Troopers, the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, and the Coast Guard. In brief, we strive for a safe, lawful hunting experience. Likewise, all hunters are expected to follow Alaska hunting and fishing regulations, as we encourage local law enforcement agencies to visit us during the hunt. Ninilchik Charters has a good reputation with Alaska State Troopers and we conduct our hunts in a manner to maintain it.

Proxy Hunts:. Consequently, Proxy hunting is NOT allowed on our vessels. This means that you may not take an animal for another, even if that family member is present or under age. Hence, if they cannot take the animal themselves, then we recommend looking for a guided hunt or contacting another outfit.

Waterfowl Care + Shipping


In particular, we receive many questions about waterfowl care and shipping your collector ducks home. Here, this section will answer our most common questions.

If hunters decide to keep collector ducks for mounting, it’s recommended that hunters bring protective gear to case the birds in. This can range from seran wrap to panty hose stockings. This will help to preserve feathers and body form while being frozen.

Freezer space will be provided for hunters to keep all trophy birds and any meat they wish to pack home.

Generally by Friday morning, all birds need to be packed into shipping boxes, ready for your departing flight. Waxed shipping boxes are available on board and are included with your hunt for all collector birds and fish you wish to bring home.

Finally, be sure to check with Island Air and your other airline carriers about extra bag charges so there are no surprises getting multiple shipping boxes home.




– Please contact us via email to receive our detailed information packet –

On behalf of the Ninilchik Charters Team, we look forward to your hunt with us!

907.260.7825 | info@ninilchik.com

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