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Alaska Bear Watching Trips for $675 Per Person

Ninilchik Charters offers fully guided Alaska Bear Watching via boat at Lake Clark National Park. Each Kenai Peninsula bear tour gives our guests the opportunity to enjoy bears when they are most active: during the Summer months when they’re digging for clams and enjoying the warm sun. We give our guests the opportunity to safely walk on shore where the bears are! Get up close and see bears like you’ve never seen them before!

Brown Bear Viewing in Alaska

Ninilchik Charters knows where to see bears in Alaska!

The Bear Watching adventure begins when we enter Lake Clark National Park and allow all guests to go on shore. Alaskan brown bears gather to feed beyond the marsh, giving us the perfect opportunity to scout from a safe distance. As a rule, we generally expect to see anywhere from 10-20 Alaskan brown bears.

From big males (boars) to females (sows) with cubs, you’ll have the chance to experience bear watching in Alaska with a clear view of their daily activities.

Ninilchik Charters’ bear watching experience is unmatched for its thrilling opportunity to see bears in their natural habitat.

Boat vs. Plane

Interested in booking an Ninilchik Charters Bear Watching adventure via boat instead of a plane? You get the opportunity to see more wildlife when viewing Alaskan brown bears by boat. You’ll see ocean wildlife such as orcas, porpoises, sea otters, seals, a variety of seabirds, and much more! You also get to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of volcanoes and Alaskan scenery along the way.

Bear watching via boat allows for more advantage on weather days and allows our guests to get up close and personal without the substantial costs of bear watching by plane.

Half-Day Alaska Bear Viewing 

May-September | Duration: 1/2 Day | Price $675/person

What’s Included With Each Alaska Bear Viewing trip

Hip Boots

6 People Max per Trip

What’s My Day Like?

Meet: 8am | Depart: 9am

Trip Duration: 1/2 Day (8am – 1pm)

Ninilchik Bear Viewing Lake Clark

Trip Duration: 1/2 Day (8am-1pm)

Price: $675 per person

 No Lunch Provided

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Alaska Bear Viewing

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