Alaska Bear Hunting

Black Bear Hunting Ak and Long Range Fishing Trip

Alaska Bear Hunting

Welcome to your next Alaska Bear Hunting Adventure!

For the past 23 years, Ninilchik Charters has grown from our success of providing great hunting and fishing adventures to thousands of people. We understand that a hunting trip to Alaska involves a large investment and requires a substantial amount of research. We are excited about having you aboard, and the best way for us to get started is by providing you as much information as possible about our Alaska bear hunting trip. Below, you’ll find detailed information about our 5 day, 4 night on the Kenai Peninsula Black Bear hunt. We designed this information in hopes that it will give you a better understanding of what to expect on your Alaska bear hunting adventure.

We look forward to seeing you this upcoming season!



Alaska Bear Hunting | The Black Bear

Considering planning your Alaska Bear Hunting trip this season? Our Alaska hunting boat is the absolute best way to hunt Black Bears in Alaska. On average, our clients see between 30-50 Black Bears during the duration of your 6 day Alaska Bear hunt. This allows ample amount of opportunities for our hunters to have a successful hunt. To better prepare your for your hunt with us, we’ve provided the logistics you need to know below.

The Logistics | Alaska Bear Hunting

  • Hunt Length: 6 days, 5 nights
  • Boat- based hunt: We have 2 larger Deltas for your hunt. Our 50 FT Delta- The Sundy sleeps 6 hunters comfortably. Our 43 FT Delta- The Arctic Endeavor sleeps 4 hunters comfortably.
  • Private Restrooms: Both of our boats have a private restroom for your comfort.
  • Spacious- Covered Deck: Both boats are designed with an expanded deck for extra spacious. Both boats are fully covered with custom designed canvases, making hunts comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Freezer Space: Both boats have multiple freezers on board for your convenience to use during your week hunt with us. This makes storing meat and hides easy and accessible.
  • Meals Provided: All meals are provided during your week long hunt. Review our meals and lodging page for more information.
  • Unguided Hunting: This is a DIY- hunt allowing you to set the pace for your hunting week. We hunt areas that thrive in population, allowing more success opportunities for our hunters. Please review our Transporter page to learn more about our role in your hunt.
  • Long-Range Fishing: In addition to hunting, our boat- based Alaska Black Bear hunts provide the best opportunity at fishing in remote areas for Alaska Halibut, Alaska Salmon, Grey Cod, and Rockfish.
  • 100 lbs of Fish Processing Included: We make it easy for our hunters by including fish processing at our Ninilchik Office location up to 100 lbs.
    • We charge $1.00 per pound after you’ve reach your 100 lb. credit.
    • 100 lbs per group
    • 50 lbs per single hunter- not included in a group reservation

Flight Logistics | Alaska Bear Hunting

  • Flight Location: Anchorage, AK
  • Hunt Location Starting Point: Homer, AK
  • You can either rent a vehicle and make the drive down to Homer (4-5 hours) or you can fly into the Homer airport via RAVN Air. Please click on the link for flight details and costs. You can also contact them at 907.248.4422.
  • Lodging: We have lodging available at our Ninilchik Office location- which is only 45 minutes North of Homer. A majority of our hunters plan to stay with us the night before their hunt and the evening following- this allows us to process your fish and have it frozen for you in the AM.
    • Cabin Rentals: $128.75– Click on the link for more information on our Ninilchik lodging.


Your Hunting Week | Alaska Bear Hunting

  • Starting your hunt: You will need to be in Homer, Alaska the NIGHT BEFORE your hunt. You will board your hunt the following morning at 5:00 AM. We will begin to sail out and you will begin your hunt early afternoon.
    • Free Parking: There is FREE 7-DAY PARKING across the street from our Boat Location. We will provide details once booked.
  • Our focus for your 5-day hunt will be on Alaska Bear Hunting and we will incorporate in-between hunting times towards the end of your hunt as our hunters wrap up their large game kills.
  • Each hunter is responsible for the break down and care of their meat while on board. We have multiple freezers for freezing meat and hides. If you prefer to salt your hides, please let us know so we can prep the boat with bags of salt.
  • Each hunter will have enough time to package their meat, fish and belongings prior to departure.
  • Ending your hunt: Once your hunt ends, your captain and deckhand will help you to load your vehicle. Your fish will be transported to our Ninilchik Office location via an office staff member. We will process your fish the same day and have it prepared for you the following morning for pick up or shipping.
    • We ask that hunters have all meat, fish, and hides processed, boxed, and ready for unloading, before we arrive back at the Harbor. Wax shipping boxes with plastic inserts are provided to pack your meat and hides in at no additional cost.
  • Lodging: We recommend lodging the night after your hunt in either Homer or our cabins located in Ninilchik.
  • Picking Up Fish/ Shipping: Fish will be available for pickup the following AM. We also provide shipping options via FEDEX. Please use the link to view pricing on shipping your fish.
    • We ship in increments of 5 lbs-50 lbs. Standard is 50 lbs per box.
    • 50 lbs box size: 27x14x12
    • Average amount of fish brought home from these hunts is around 200-400 lbs per group.


Black Bear Hunting Limits

  • NON- RESIDENT hunters are allowed to take 1 bear of either sex during the Spring hunt
  • RESIDENT hunters are allowed to take 3 bears of either sex during the Spring hunt
Cubs, or sows with cubs are not legal to harvest.


hunting bear in alaska


Many hunters choose to spot and stalk hunt with a good pair of binoculars in hand. Other hunters choose to hunt from a stationary position glassing drainages, avalanche chutes, and open meadows. Whether you choose to hunt the beaches or hike up, we provide you with hand-held radios at all times. This allows you to radio over to us on the boat for a quick pick up once your kill is down!




Important Hunting Regulations

  • Black bear cubs, or sows with cubs, are NOT allowed to be harvested
  • Before June 1st, all black bear meat MUST be taken from the field
  • Black bear hides and skulls must be sealed by the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
  • Evidence of sex MUST be naturally attached to the hide
  • Glacier bears (blue phase) bears are NOT allowed to be harvested
Please review the Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations for specific instruction on sealing requirements and wanton waste laws. Just click here.

Transporter Role | Alaska Bear Hunts



In Alaska hunting regulations, there is a significant difference between a big game “Transporter” and a big game “Guide”. We are Big Game Transporters. We offer transportation and lodging services to hunters looking for a more “do-it-yourself” type of hunt. You as the hunter determine the overall pace of the hunt. You will also be hunting with your hunting partners and not a guide. You can set your own level of difficulty, and only you choose which Black Bear to take.

Please review the following for a better understanding of our role during your hunt!



Our Vessels | Alaska Bear Hunting

Ninilchik Charters operates out of Homer in the Chugach National Forest for our Spring/ Fall Alaska Bear hunts. We operate 2 vessels: the 50 foot “Sundy”, and the 43 foot “Arctic Endeavor”. We use these 2 vessels to transport our hunters to the remote areas of the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak for additional hunting opportunities.

  • These vessels also serve as our lodging and base camp during the hunt.
  • Your vessel will have a knowledgeable, experienced captain and deck hand on board that will provide transport, lodging, and meals during your hunt.

alaska bear hunting guides

Each day of your hunt, you will be skiffed into shore with your hunting partner. You and your hunting partner will be dropped off in good hunting areas equipped with a radio and a strobe light. When you choose to end your Alaska bear hunting day, radio the boat, and we promptly pick you (and your bear) up, and return to the boat for the night.




Alaskan Weather

Bear Hunting in AlaskaNo matter where you are in Alaska, the opportunity for foul weather always exists. In Prince William Sound at this time of year, it can be calm and sunny, with mild 65 degree temperatures now, and downright nasty with high winds, temperatures in the 30’s, and driving rain tomorrow.

Weather plays a very important role on the hunt. Because our vessel serves as base camp, it is top priority of your captain to operate your vessel in safe, protected waters at all times. High surf or wind conditions may determine where we can hunt safely.

It is also important for the hunter to bring suitable all weather gear. A Top priority when hunting Alaska’s remote country for any length of time. Insulating layers, wind break layers, and water proof layers will make your hunt much more comfortable. It may be rough weather outside, but once you’re on the boat, you’ll have a comfortable cabin to tell hunting stories at the end of the day.

We cannot control the weather, but we’ll do everything we can to cope with it.


Alaska Black Bear Hunting | Rates & Dates

If you choose to endure Alaska Bear Hunting, know that it is unlike any other experience. “The last frontier” is home to the biggest Black Bears you’ll ever see. Our hunts are tailored to fit the best hunting times for the seasons. Rates and hunting schedules are listed below.

All Hunts Include


  • A USCG licensed Captain and experienced Deckhand
  • Lodging and Transportation to and from hunting areas- lodging details here
  • All meals- menu options here
  • Hot/ Cold non- alcoholic beverages
  • All fishing equipment/ tackle/ bait and
  • All fish processing All crabbing pots/ gear- if applicable
  • Freezing of hides and Wax boxes for game meat
  • Friendly, professional service from your crew.


Alaska Bear Hunting | Rates


Hunting Opportunities

Booking Details

A $500.00 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a week for hunting. All contracts MUST be read and filled out completely prior to returning. Prior to booking, we recommend you fully read and understand our TRANSPORTER agreement provided within the contracts, so that you completely understand our role in your hunt and that this indeed, is a self-guided hunt. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at any time.


Alaska Black Bear Hunt Dates | Spring

Spring season is best for hunters that want to see the most opportunity. This is the prime time when bears are coming out of hibernation and ready to eat! We center our dates a month or so after they are out for best hide and meat quality. This is also the perfect time of year for best weather opportunities and fishing. The biggest advantage to Spring hunts are filling freezers from Winter feasting! Are you ready to replenish your freezer this Spring!?

2018 Spring Dates:

  • April 2nd -April 6th
  • April 9th- April 13th
  • April 16th- April 20th
  • April 23rd- Aprili 27th
  • April 30th- May 4th
  • May 7th- May 11th
  • May 14th- May 18th
  • May 21st- May 25th
  • May 28th- June 1st

Alaska Black Bear Hunt Dates | Fall

Fall hunts provide hunters with great opportunities for kill, as bears are at the point of feasting for hibernation. Salmon are running on rivers at this time and bringing bears out for their final meals. Hide and meat quality are at it’s peak. Hiking into rivers and other areas may be necessary this time of year as you will want to be where the salmon are running. Are you ready to kick off your Fall hunting season with a freezer full of bear meat!? (Bear Bacon is our favorite!!)

Fall 2018 Dates:

  • Aug 6th- Aug 10th
  • Aug 13th- Aug 17th
  • Aug 20th – Aug 24th
  • Aug 27th – Aug 31st
  • Sept 3rd – Sept 7th


Additional Fees

Due to fluctuating fuel prices, there may be a fuel surcharge up to 5% added to the cost of your hunt.


Alaska Bear Hunting | Alaska Hunting Regulations

We at Ninilchik Charters promote fair chase, lawful hunting. We have a close working relationship with the Alaskan State Troopers, The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, and the Coast Guard. We strive for a safe, lawful hunting experience. We follow all Alaska hunting and fishing regulations, and encourage local law enforcement agencies to visit us during the hunt. We have a good reputation, and we conduct our hunts in a manner to maintain it.


Brown/ Grizzly Bear in Alaska

To hunt Brown/ Grizzly Bear in Alaska, you MUST be either a RESIDENT or SECOND KINDRED. If you are a non-resident, then you must find a guide to hunt with, rather than a transporter. If you are a resident or second kindred and have drawn a tag, you are welcome to use our transporter services to hunt Brown/ Grizzly Bear in Alaska.

Alaska Bear Hunting | What To Bring

Here is a list of items that you should bring with you on your Alaska Hunt.

  • Rifle (270 cal. or larger) or Bow and Arrows
  • Ammunition
  • Good waterproof hiking boots with strong ankle support
  • Rain gear, all purpose outdoor clothing. We recommend Cabela’s Dry-Plus
  • Layered non-cotton clothes
  • Day pack / frame pack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Skinning knives w/ sharpening stone
  • Personal toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Binoculars/Range Finder
  • Compass
  • Drag rope
  • Space blanket
  • Flagging tape
  • Canteen / water bottle
  • Water filter or purification tablets
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Gun cleaning kit (salt water)

This is a short list of items you should bring on your black bear hunt. Of course items you feel you need can be added. It is important to remember that Ninilchik Charters is a big-game transporter, and this is a “do-it-yourself” hunt. The equipment you need to go hunting, remove game from the field, and process game (caping, skinning, quartering, butchering) must be supplied by you- the hunter.

Other amenities can be brought on board as well. Beer and Liquor is not provided by Ninilchik Charters, but you are welcome to bring your own. We ask, for safety reasons, that you drink responsibly while on board.



Alaska Hunt License Information | Bear Hunting

You will need to purchase a valid Alaska hunting or fishing licenses from a licensed Fish and Game vendor, before you show up to board the boat.

  • Non-resident Hunting license – $160.00
  • Non-resident Hunting and 7 day fishing combo license – $230.00
  • Black Bear Kill Tag – $450.00
  • King Salmon Stamp (optional- but recommended) 7 Day- $45



You must have these three things to hunt in Alaska:

  • Valid Alaska Hunting License
  • Valid Alaska Harvest card for the animal your hunting no cost for this card
  • Metal locking ring



Game Care | Shipping Information

We receive many questions about game care in the field, and shipping your fish and game home. We hope this section will answer our most common questions.

Once a Black Bear has been taken, it needs to be immediately kill-tagged and field dressed. After that, there are 2 ways to get your bear to the skiff, you can harvest your bear right on the beach (the most common way) or you can skin and quarter your bear in the field and frame-pack it out.


We recommend that hunters wishing to hike inland, bring a pack-frame to get their bear out.


Once you are on the beach, you and your bear will be picked up, and you’ll be skiffed back to the boat. Our large covered back deck has plenty of room, and works well to skin and quarter a bear. Temperatures at this time of year are usually good for hanging bear quarters.

Freezer space will be provided for hunters wishing to have their bear hides frozen for taxidermy.

Most hunters pack their meat in our wax shipping boxes provided, and fly them home as extra baggage. Each shipping box will hold roughly 50 pounds of meat. Be sure to check with your airline carrier about extra bag charges so there are no surprises when flying home with extra bags.

Once you are back in Town you MUST have your bear hide sealed before it is allowed to leave the state of Alaska.



Hide Sealing Options | Alaska Bear Hunting


1. Arctic Fox Taxidermy
We recommend Arctic Fox taxidermy for all your taxidermy needs. They have offered to meet you in Anchorage to pick up hides and skulls at the end of the hunt.Arctic Fox can also seal the hides to meet Alaska Fish and Game requirements. They do excellent work and have a quick turn around time.

Call Jim Kedrowski at 907-376-4776 or buy email at


2. Alpha Fur Dressers in Anchorage
Alpha Fur Dressers is a recommended fur tannery. Hunters can drop off hides and skulls to Alpha Fur Dressers in Anchorage at the end of their hunt. Alpha Fur Dressers can seal the hide to meet Alaska Fish and Game requirements, cape and de-flesh your hide, bleach the skull, tan your hide, and ship your tanned hide and skull to your home address when completed. Once you receive your hide at home, you can take to your taxidermist of choice for mounting or rug.
Alpha Fur Dressers
1901 W. 48th
Anchorage, AK 99517
(907) 868-3227


3. Alaska Department of Fish and Game
At the end of your hunt, you can take your UNFROZEN bear hide to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Anchorage for sealing. Skull must be removed from hide, and as always, evidence of sex must be naturally attached to the hide.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
333 Raspberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99518




We will do our best to provide the Alaska Bear Hunting adventure of a lifetime. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Join us for an expedition you will not soon forget.

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