Alaska Razor Clam Digging

Alaska Razor Clam Digging | Deep Creek | $165.00 PP

Alaska Razor Clam Digging

In 1999, Ninilchik Charters began offering specialized charters for Alaskan Razor Clam Digging! If you’re not familiar with these hidden treasures, they have a golden- brown, oval shell and range in size from 3 to 10 inches long! Not only do they make for great eating, but they are so much fun to dig for!

Razor Clam Digging in Alaska

What makes our Alaska Razor Clam digging excursions even better, is that they are fun for the whole family to do, making it the perfect family outing in Alaska! Both adults and kids enjoy their time on the beach and the excitement picks up as you continue to bagging your Alaska Razor Clams!

Because Alaskan Razor Clams live in the tide pools and on the beaches, Alaskan Razor Clam Digging is done during our periodic low tides, which ONLY occur about once a month and last for about 3 to 5 days.



Not only will you experience digging for these delicious Razor Clams along some of South-central Alaska’s most beautiful beaches, but when finished you get to enjoy the wonderful and unique taste of fresh Alaskan Clams- which are sought after year round.


Alaska Razor Clam Digging Excursions | Why Choose us

Why choose Ninilchik Charters for your Alaskan Razor Clam Digging excursion? These fun events take place during certain periods of the month, where we take pride in making sure every family has the opportunity to dig up these hidden treasures, without the burden of crowds. With that being said, our local Captains know all the best spots in Ninilchik! They will take you to a beach with no crowds and no limits!

If you’re not sold already, then check out some photos below and dive into the photo fun of some of our guests!

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Alaska Razor Clam Digging Dates & Details | 2017

What we provide:

  • Transportation to and from beach areas
  • All digging tools- Shovels and a few clam guns
  • Clam buckets

2017 Season: The following dates are best suited for clamming

Pricing: $165 Per Person | Full Day Tour | 3-5 Hours

  • May 24th- May 28th
  • June 22nd- June 26th
  • July 22nd- July 25th
  • August 21st- August 23rd

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