Alaska Cruise vs Alaska Land Tours

Traveling to Alaska is an exciting adventure in itself, but planning your travel method can be overwhelming. When traveling to Alaska, there are two primary travel methods. You can travel via an Alaska Cruise or via Land Tours. While venturing on an Alaska Cruise has its perks, booking your land tour will offer so much more! From local exploration to diving into Alaskan culture, land tours offer guests more travel options, which leads to more of an Alaskan Experience. 

Alaska cruise

Explore, Adventure, and Experience Alaska via Land Tours

Above all, one of the most popular reasons to visit Alaska is for the wilderness experience! Alaska is full of breathtaking views, backgrounds leading to wildlife, and thousands of adventures that give you a chance to dive into Alaskan culture! While cruise options offer guests a variety of adventures once in port, you’re going to be limited by what you can do and the time you have to do it. If you’re like most travelers, getting around on your time and doing adventures off the beaten path is the way to go when visiting this exciting state! With adventures such as sled dog tours, gold mining, river rafting, hiking, glacier touring, wine tasting, and of course halibut fishing, you’re going to want the additional time to explore, adventure, and experience!

Local Culture + Things To Do

One of our favorite reasons to book your trip to Alaska via Land Tours is due to visiting with locals and learning about their lifestyles! Like most plans, the adventure and experience come from the stories and cultures of those native to the area. By touring Alaska via land, you have the chance to see more towns, communities 

Traveling Alaska | Budget Your Vacation

With Alaska being the largest and one of the most enduring states in North America,  experiencing Alaska is a must! One thing to consider is going to be your budget. Most Alaska cruise lines will offer all inclusive vacations and short duration trips once on shore. Traveling by land will require some budgeting on your end. While you have more options when visiting Alaska via land, you’ll want to research places to stay, towns you want to visit, and consider the costs of food and attractions when coming up with your budget. As a side note, July and August will be your most expensive times to visit Alaska. To help with budgeting, consider pre-season (March- June) or post season (September) for visiting. Research will be key to setting up the perfect Alaska vacation for you and your travel companions! 

Alaska Cruise

As a result, making your Alaskan experience unforgettable is the ultimate goal whether you choose to travel by land or take an Alaska cruise! It will truly depend on your budget, as well as, how much you wish to experience while here! So, start your research, create an ideal budget, contact local companies to inquire, and pick dates that work best for your travel plans. Regardless of which option you choose to go with, Alaska is an incredible adventure awaiting and it’ll be a trip of a lifetime! 

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