Long Range Fishing

Long Range Fishing | Alaska Fishing

At Ninilchik Charters, we are offer 3-5 day fishing adventures based out of both Seward AK and Homer AK. Plan on several days of fishing for many species of great eating fish, beautiful scenery, unrivaled wildlife viewing opportunities, great food, and the opportunity to make lifelong friends or come even closer to your fishing buddies.

Off the Beaten Path | Long Range Fishing Trip

Already a beautiful and extremely productive fishing area, our Long Range Fishing Adventures departing from Seward and Homer will allow us to get even more off the beaten path to waters not hit by the day fleets. Though the waters within 50 miles of Seward and Homer have numerous fish, and we typically fill the boxes on our day trips, there are about 85 various sized charter boats operating from both locations daily. By getting outside the range of these vessels, we can fish more pristine waters with less fishing pressure.


5 Day Adventure Locations- Heading East

3 Day Adventure Locations- Heading West

  • Gore Point
  • Nuka Bay


Long Range Fishing | Trip Details



Other than the first and last day of your trip, which are primarily travel days, each day is filled with fishing opportunities. The crew will have breakfast on the table by 5:30 AM so you can be fishing as early as 6:30 AM which is when the fleet in town is still loading clients for the standard 7:00 AM depart time from the harbor. We will fish throughout the day until around 6:30 PM when we will begin to prepare dinner. Though we prepare dinner and anchor for the night in protected coves, those that wish to do so can continue to fish into the evening.



Fish Species

Though we suggest releasing Pacific Halibut over 100 lbs both because of the quality of the meat and because these fish are breeding females, we will be targeting them for fun and keeping fish from 25-60lbs for meat. Along with the Halibut you can expect to catch giant Lingcod, Black and Yelloweye Rockfish, and in July and August, numerous Silver Salmon (Coho). In certain areas we fish there will also be the opportunity to catch Salmon Shark up to 600 lbs!!!

Specie Limits

Because we process and freeze fish the day it is caught, you are allowed a limit of fish each day of your trip. This means you can expect to keep the following on any given day of the trip:

  • 2 Halibut
  • 1 Lingcod
  • 1 Yellowed Rockfish
  • 3 Black Rockfish
  • 3 Silver Salmon

This is a lot of fish and if you realize you are begining to have more fish than you want to transport home, we can relate and you are more than welcome to start catch-and-release fishing. Provided in this trip are 2 fish boxes per person but more are on hand for a nominal fee. After the trip we can help with your shipping needs.

Alaska Wildlife Viewing | Long Range Fishing




Because of the range we are fishing, the first and last days will usually consist of 6-8 hours travel time. During this time you can expect to see many different types of wildlife. Don’t forget your cameras and binoculars. While passing numerous glaciers, mountains, cliffs, rivers, and bare rocks welling from the depths, it is almost a given to see humpback whales, Dall’s porpoise, sea lions, seals, eagles, and puffins. As well it isn’t rare to see orcas, fin whales, goats on cliffs, black bear near rivers or creeks, and dozens of other species of birds.



Meals and Accommodations | Long Range Fishing


We offer 2 vessels to choose from for your Long Range Fishing trip-

  • The Sundy | 50 Ft Delta | Sleeps 6 comfortably
  • The Arctic Endeavor | 43 Ft Delta | Sleeps 4 comfortable



Both vessels have spacious bunks and storage areas to keep your personal belongings. The back decks will be covered for weather protection and fishing comfort Both vessels are equipped with a 3 burner electric cook top, an electric oven for breads and desserts, and we carry a BBQ pit on the back deck for steaks, burgers, and fresh grilled fish.


Every morning your crew will have coffee and breakfast prepared bright and early so you can get right into fishing. A little before noon sandwich fixings, soup, and various snacks will be set up on a table inside so you can fix lunch when you decide to take a break from catching. At around 6:30 PM we will move the boat into a protected cove for the night, and the crew will prepare a great dinner.


Alaska Weather | Long Range Fishing Trip

Alaska’s weather can vary from hour to hour in these waters. To ensure that you are rested fully for your next day of fishing we anchor for the evening in protected coves. Typically, even in the event a storm blows up during the night, the slight rocking of the boat will barely be noticable. Though these anchorages are not our targeted fishing grounds, if you want to fish into the night, or if you are an early riser, feel free to put down a line; we have caught many a giant halibut in 40 ft of water while on anchor.

We recommend bringing the following for your Long Range Fishing adventure:

  • Warm LAYERS
  • Wind resistant and waterproof layers
  • Waterproof/ NON-SLIP footwear
  • Hats/ Sunglasses
  • Camera’s
  • Motion sickness remedies if you are prone to being sea sick


Rates and Fees | Alaska Long Range Fishing Trip


Though on the surface this trip is not as inexpensive as other fishing options, we have done some research and see that it compares with the cost of 3 meals, a fishing charter, and a hotel room in the Seward area. Plus, you are getting to fish in waters untouched by most.



A multi-day trip with 5 of your closest friends and you will know them like never before. These trips always leave people with hundreds of new memories. If you are in Alaska fishing alone or with one or two buddies, the mixed trips can be just as exciting. At the end of the trip you will have new life long friends.



The rate for these trips based on a standard 3 day fishing package: $500/person/day. The boat can be chartered for $3000 per day for groups up to 6 people.


What We Provide

  • Rods and Reels- All tournament grade quality
  • All fishing bait and tackle
  • All boat safety gear
  • USCG Licensed Captain
  • Highly trained deckhand
  • Professional, friendly, and experienced expertise
  • Detailed instructions and guidance while fishing
  • Safe and clean fishing vessels
  • Fish Processing
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Shipping Boxes


Fishing Licenses

Since we do not supply fishing licenses, you will need to purchase a valid Alaska Fishing License PRIOR to loading the boat for your Long Range Fishing trip. You can buy online at Alaska Fish and Game website, or purchase while in town at a local store



For additional information, please free free to contact us at any time! We look forward to fishing with you this season and we will see you on the water!


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