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Ninilchik Halibut

5-day package fishing halibut and red salmon-

“The entire stay and experience was excellent. The people were extremely kind,curteous,and helpful. The boat captains got us limits of fish daily. The river captains helped us out even when we messed up. They also got us limits of fish. I would highly recommend Ninilchik Charters if you were planning an Alaska fishing trip.” -Richard M


Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters NinilchikA very popular site for fishing is the Ninilchik, Alaska for fishing Ninilchik Halibut, especially during the Summer. Cook Inlet is the main launch for Saltwater fishing and it’s found South on the Kenai Peninsula. For Freshwater options with Salmon, you have the opportunity to explore the Kenai River as it empties into the Cook Inlet, where the village of Ninilchik is located. World Class fishermen congregate here, in order to catch their renowned Halibut and Salmon- King Salmon in particular.


Ninilchik Salmon Fishing


Ninilchik King Salmon

Memorial Day is one of the most popular dates for fishing in this place, as this day and the two succeeding weekends are the only ones when king salmon fishing is allowed. Also, the portion of the river where people may fish is the two miles that extends from the part of the river on the Pacific towards its source inwards. However, there are times when regulations are not very strict. This is when the number of fish on a run is large enough to warrant it. Aside from king salmon, it is also a place for catching the silver salmon, during its run in August.

Fishermen, especially those who are veterans of this area, pick the mouth of the river and fish either before, or after high tide. It is during this time that the fish are most aggressive. The chances of a good catch are very high. It is a particularly good place for the recreational fisherman, as well as the serious sports fisherman.

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Ninilchik Halibut fishing is done from our 6-pac boats! We have three at Ninilchik Charters and can charter anywhere from 4-18 guests at once every day! Our 6-pac boats offer a comfortable ride out of Cook Inlet’s waters and perfect for family outings! Whether you’re booking an entire family or looking to jump on a smaller vessel and meet new people, we have options for you at Ninilchik Charters!

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