Alaska River Fishing | Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska River Fishing

Alaska River Fishing

With more than 500,000 people visiting the Kenai Peninsula each summer, the rivers are the heart of attraction! As a local, I can always tell when the Salmon have hit the river because the excitement with fishing enthusiasts start to pile in to get their fix on our world famous rivers- the Kenai and the Kasilof rivers.

Here in Alaska- you have options when it comes to fishing for salmon. Our rivers run with the three main salmon species- King Salmon (Chinook), Sockeye Salmon (Reds), and Silver Salmon (Coho). We also have pink years- which KIDS LOVE and trophy Rainbow Trout fishing!

The Best Part Of Alaska | Alaska River Fishing

I have created a short list of why river fishing on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is a once in a lifetime experience that EVERY tourist should consider doing. Check it out and jump on board with us this Summer!

King Salmon Take Downs

While they are several species of salmon offered in our rivers, pulling a King into the boat is an experience you have to feel to understand. When the bite of the King takes down the rod, the adrenaline rushes through you as you have the fight of your life. From my Alaskan expertise, the fight of a King is unlike any fish.

Fresh Catch Of The Day- Coming Right Up!

Eating fresh catch after a full day of fishing is the most rewarding part. Filleting a salmon and placing it right on the grill is the definition of Summer in Alaska. Not only, is that as fresh as it gets, it always tastes a little better knowing you caught it.

Exciting + Experienced Guides

Getting to know the guides and learning about the Alaska fishery is a unique experience in itself! Our guides are extremely knowledgeable in what they do. Ask them any questions you might have and they will be more than willing to answer. Learn about the area you are fishing as well as surrounding local areas. If you’re nice enough as a guest, they may even give you some TOP secret spots to fish on your own! 🙂

Fishing + Wilderness Touring

The Alaskan scenery is unlike anything else. Salmon jumping, bald eagles flying overhead, and moose crossing the river, the wildlife is endless. Not many people get to experience the raw Alaska, but I guarantee it will be something you will never forget.

No Sea Sickness!! 

The boat ride is my favorite part! Whether you are on the Kasilof River for a calm drift or power boating all over the Kenai River, you are sure to enjoy every minute! For those who are prone to being sea sick– you can rest assured you can relax on this trip! Kick back and hold on to that rod!!

Variety In Fishing Options

Not only are there King Salmon to fish for, but Alaska has tasty Sockeyes and fighting Silvers to get into throughout the season! Had your fill on fishing for Alaskan salmon, hit the upper Kenai with for Trophy Rainbow Trout fishing! Regardless of rivers or time of year, you always have options!

Kasilof River Salmon Runs | Pricing

King Salmon: May- June

Sockeye Salmon: Mid- June- July

Silver Salmon: August

Early Season Pricing: $215 per person (May- June) | Peak Season Pricing: $250 per person (July-August)

Kenai River Salmon Runs | Pricing

King Salmon: July Only

Sockeye Salmon: Mid July- 1st week of August

Silver Salmon: August- September

Rainbow Trout: August- September

Peak Salmon Season Pricing: $250 per person (July-August) | September + Rainbow Trout Pricing: $225 per person

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