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Planning a trip to Alaska can be exciting and a bit hectic for most! We get it and we’ve been there before. Good news!¬†We’ve narrowed it down over the past 20+ years and have some tips for those venturing down this Bucket List trip! Before planning ANY adventures in Alaska, check out these to-do’s and then plan away!

Planning a trip to Alaska

Customize Your Trip | Planning A Trip To Alaska

This is the most important part to planning a trip to Alaska. There is so much to do in Alaska and picking a “one package for all”, is NOT the way to experience Alaska! Get out and do some research! You want to see glaciers, see wildlife, or build a customizable¬†Alaska fishing package? Then do the research on the best areas, the best companies and the most important thing you SHOULD DO is READ REVIEWS!

Which brings us to our second most important factor to consider when planning a trip to Alaska.

Reviews Matter!! | Planning A Trip To Alaska

Choose companies that are of quality more than anything else! We all know that seeing wildlife or catching a fish can’t be guaranteed, but the experience other tourists have will shed some light on whether they are someone you want to go with or not. So select tours based off user experience! At the end of the day, this is where it will count for making a memorable trip versus a disastrous one!

Planning A trip to Alaska
planning a trip to alaska
Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters

Is Price A Factor? | Alaska Trip Planning

This is a touchy subject for most, but we have to address it at some point! For those traveling to Alaska, please know it “can be” expensive! Alaska is expensive to travel to, the activities, and the costs of just eating can be outrageous to most and we get it- heck we live here! One thing most forget is how remote we are. We don’t have the luxury the lower 48 does with goods and access to services. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be expensive- if you choose wisely and value what your dollar goes to!

For example- let’s say you want to book a fishing charter in Alaska. You’re selecting between two different charters- one with okay reviews and the other with GREAT reviews. The one with okay reviews is priced $50 less per angler than the other company with GREAT reviews so you select it- trying to save money- which is great!

However, you have a horrible time (which is a 50/50 chance you take), then you’ve just wasted every penny. Whereas you could have spent a little more with the other company and had a wonderful time- hence the GREAT reviews- and felt it was worth every penny!

So when selecting activities, reviews matters and pricing is set for a reason! The companies that are rated the best will be equally matched in pricing to the competition and those that sit lower are usually just starting up, recovering from a possible change over, or simply hurting for business. Be careful of these, what seem to be, great deals and continue to do research until your certain!

Conclusion | Planning A Trip Alaska

So when it comes to planning, do your research, read reviews, and know that Alaska is expensive- so select wisely on what you choose to invest in! As extensive as research can get, know that you are traveling to a Bucket List destination and that not many people get the opportunity that you have- so enjoy the planning and get excited!

For more information on planning your trip to Alaska, feel free to contact our travel experts at Ninilchik Charters! We are more than just fishing, we have build a trip options and have access to several vendors on the Kenai Peninsula that can help you with your building your trip planning list! Contact us today by giving us a call at 907.260.7825 or emailing us at info@ninilchik.com.

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