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Saltwater Trip Details

After arriving at our boat, your Captain/Deckhand will help you board and direct you where to place your things. Once everyone is together, your Captain will then conduct a briefing.  He will be going over all safety features to be aware of on the vessel and weather conditions. Then he will go over a game plan for your fishing Alaska adventure with us. Your Captain and Deckhand will prepare the boat for departure. You can make yourself cozy in the cabins while preparing for stunning sightseeing and prestigious wildlife viewing. Desirable fishing locations are 1-2hrs from port.

Upon arrival your Captain/Deckhand will have all rods/reels geared up with proper bait and weights. Your caption then will instruct you on proper use and technique of how to handle the equipment. Then he will show proper methods to hook the species that you are going for. And then he will show you how to bring them to surface.Our boats are hands-on deck with all of our fishing trips.  You will have the opportunity to hook in real your fish every time. Once you get a fish you will yell “fish on” and your caption/deckhand will then come over and gaff or net your fish to bring on board. If you have questions during the process, technique or simply new to fishing, our knowledgable crew will be available to assist you every step of the way.

Your fishing day is coming to an end, its time to head back in to the docks. At this time, your crew will gather all fishing gear and prepare for boat return. If you are aboard our larger vessels, you will have the opportunity to watch your deckhand filet all fish on the way in. If you are aboard our smaller vessels, you will have the opportunity at our facility, once returned. This is the perfect time to relax and enjoy scenic ride home. Once docked, your caption will then do a goodbye briefing covering  fish processing details, give directions if needed, and thank you for choosing us for your Alaskan Fishing Adventure!

Freshwater Trip Details  

Hope to see you this season! 

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