Kodiak Hunting Details

Alaska Hunting Trip | Kodiak Hunting Details


Kodiak Hunting Details

Kodiak Hunt Details: Phenomenal Sitka Blacktail and Fishing Trip– “Our crew from Big Deer TV had an amazing adventure aboard the Arctic Excursion with the staff from Ninilchik Charters. We saw tons of deer, bears (at a comfortable distance!), whales, orcas, mountain goats, foxes, and eagles on this 7 day hunting and fishing trip. Everything was as billed and the captain and deckhands were a first-rate, extremely hard-working team. We all went home with plenty of venison and halibut. I highly recommend this trip and will be coming back!!” – Lauren K




Alaska Hunting Environment | Kodiak Hunting Details


Hunting Trip Details KodiakAlaska’s Kodiak Island is a big place. 3,600 square miles big, filled with hundreds of mountains, and a maze of waterways. Fish and game opportunities abound.

Ninilchik Charters owns and operates 2 vessels: the 50 foot “Sundy”, and the 43 foot “Arctic Endeavor”. We use these 2 vessels to transport our hunters to the remote areas of Kodiak Island. These vessels also serve as our lodging and base camp during the hunt. Your vessel will have a knowledgeable, experienced captain and deck hand on board that will provide transport, lodging, and meals during your hunt.

In Alaska, due to hunting regulations, there is a significant difference between a big game “transporter” and a big game “guide”. We are big game transporters. We offer transportation and lodging services to hunters looking for a more “do-it-yourself” type of hunt. You, as the hunter, set the pace of the hunt. You will also be hunting with your hunting partners and not a guide. You can set your own difficulty level, and only you choose which deer to take.

The black tailed deer on Kodiak Island are well at home in their habitat. The opportunities to harvest a good buck can be numerous. These are cagey, wild, free ranging deer, and hunters must utilize their hunting, glassing, and stalking skills to be successful. Each day of your hunt, you will be skiffed into shore with your hunting partner. You and your hunting partner will be dropped off in good areas that hunter choose equipped with a radio and a strobe light. When you choose to end your hunting day, radio the boat, and we promptly pick up you (and your deer) and return you to the boat for the night.



Alaska Hunting Terrain | Kodiak Hunting Details


Hunting Kodiak Island

Kodiak island offers rolling hills and mountainous terrain. Alder thickets and poplar stands cover the hills with areas of open meadow intermixed. The deer thrive in the area we operate, and harvest opportunities can be found from shore line to the mountain tops. Much of the terrain is rugged, and densely covered in brush. The higher in elevation you hike, the more open the landscape becomes, offering good glassing opportunities.



Other areas are more moderate with rolling hills and grassy hillsides offering easier access. You as the hunter sets your difficulty level. If you choose to hunt the beach, walk inland, or hike high into the hills, the choice is yours.



Alaska Hunting Weather Conditions | Kodiak Hunting Details


Kodiak Hunting DetailsNo matter where you are in Alaska, the opportunity for foul weather always exists. On Kodiak Island, it can be calm and sunny, with mild 50 degree temperatures now, and downright nasty with high winds and driving rain tomorrow. It also tends to snow on us a little later in the season, and 15 degree mornings are pretty common.

Weather plays a very important role on the hunt. Because our vessel serves as base camp, it is top priority of your captain to operate your vessel in safe, protected waters at all times. Crashing beaches, and unsafe wave conditions for example.

It is also important for the hunter to bring suitable all weather gear. Top priority when hunting Alaska’s remote country for any length of time. Insulating layers, wind break layers, and water proof layers will make your hunt much more comfortable.

It may be rough weather outside, but once you’re on the boat, you’ll have a comfortable cabin to tell hunting stories at the end of the day. We cannot control the weather, but we’ll do everything we can to cope with it.


Kodiak Island Flights & Accommodations | Kodiak Hunting Details

 Flights To Larsen Bay

We use Airlift (recently known as Servant Air) for transportation to and from Larsen Bay. How it works, we provide Airlift with out hunting itinerary every season. This tells them how many hunters to expect each week on behalf of our company. Please review details below.

Airlift Service- Located in Kodiak Airport

1619 Airport Way, Kodiak, AK 99615| (907) 487-4444

  • Need to be at Airlift location between 8:00- 8:30 AM on SATURDAY
Due to Alaskan weather and flight issues that may arise for any reason, we recommend ALL hunters to arrive in Kodiak City FRIDAY NIGHT prior to their hunting week- which starts Saturday am at 8:00AM at Airlift.

If you miss your flight due to not arriving to Kodiak City the night before your hunt, you will be responsible for paying for an alternate method to getting to the boat- usually via float plane.

We DO NOT hold boats for hunters in separate parties due to being courteous to those who arrived on time.

If your hunting party is one FULL BOAT group, the boats will be held until your party arrives, since there are no additional members separate from your party boarding the week of your hunt.

When traveling to and from Kodiak City, Alaska, there are a few places we recommend.



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